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Michael's Famous Thin Crust Pizza
Large 16"
Small 12" Sicilian Large 16" Sicilian Small 12"
Plain $13.95
Topping $2.25 
Plain $8.75
Topping $1.50  
Plain $16.95
Topping $2.75
Plain $11.50
Topping $1.75  
Large Calzone or Stromboli
Small Calzone or Stromboli
Plain $13.95
1 Topping $2.25 each add'l $1.25
Plain $8.75
1 Topping $1.75 each add'l $1.25 

Call to place your order! Phone: 973.661.5252

Sausage, Tomato Slices, Spinach, Basil, Mushroom, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Fresh Garlic, Pepperoni, Black Olives, Onions, Ricotta Cheese, Bell Peppers, Meatball, Anchoives, Extra Cheese, Chicken, Ham, Pineapple

Michael's Specialty Pizza
Famous "Thinny Thin"
 Small $8.75/Large $13.95
Paper Thin, well done, no crust with a crown of crispy cheese to the end
Meat Lovers
Small $11.25/Large $18.50
Sausage, Meatball, Pepperoni, and Ham

Small $9.50/Large $15.50   
Fresh Plum Tomatos, Homemade Mozzarella, Fresh Basil, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Small $11.25/Large $18.95
A little spice in your life, finely dived pepperoni, mushroom, sausage, meatball, hot cherry peppers topped
with aged cheese well done and thin cheese to the end
Small $11.95/Large $17.95   
Broccoli Rabe, Sausage, Parmigiana, and Homemade Mozzarella
Everything Pizza
Small $14.50/Large $22.50
Gina Maria
Small $11.25/Large $17.95
Tomato Sauce, Homemade Mozzarella, Pamigiana, Eggplant, Spinach, and Garlic
Buffalo Chicken
Small $11.25/Large $18.95
Special Mushroom
Small $10.50/Large $16.95
Fresh Tomato, Olive Oil, Portabella, White Cap, Shitaki, Mozzarella and Basil
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad
Small $12.95/Large $21.50
Small $10.25/Large $16.95
Tomato Sauce, Homemade Mozzarella, Parmigiana, Capers
Small $11.95/Large $18.50
Pineapple, Ham, and Fresh Mozzarella
Nicky Boy's Italian Style Hot Dog
Small $10.95/Large $17.95
Potato, Peppers, Onions, and Hot Dogs
Chicken Parmigiana
Small $11.95/Large $18.95
Small $12.50/Large $20.00
Onions, Garlic, Spinach, Mushrooms, Peppers, Broccoli, Olives, and Tomatoes
Grandma Irm's
Small $11.50/Large $15.50
Mariana and Mozzarella
Small $10.25/Large $16.50
Mozzarella and Ricotta

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